[Funded] Create Custom Alerts + Be notified by email/SMS!

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Alerts are a great way to get notified of changes on your website. Want to know if your new product hits less than 100 sales in a week or your new article attracts more than 200 visitors a day? Create alerts that make sense to you. Be notified by email or SMS when the conditions for your alerts are met. Stay on top of your website!

UPDATE January 2014! Custom Alerts plugin is now available in the Marketplace! Test it by using the latest Piwik beta version, and then installing the ​Custom Alerts plugin in one click: go to Piwik, click Settings then click Marketplace and click Install button next to the CustomAlerts plugin.

The Alert log will help you to better understand the success of your website. You can use it to analyze how often your website hit more than 10000 visits per day or on how many days a product was sold more than 50 times.

+The Project FAQ's

Q- What exactly will be included in this feature?
A- Here is the complete list of features that are included in this project:

  • Define new Alert ("Big drop in purchases")
  • Select a website on which the Alert is defined
  • Receive an alert by email (email will contain Alert description + link to Piwik dashboard URL for the given website ID and period).
  • Receive an alert by SMS (SMS will contain Alert description and numbers that triggered the Alert)
  • Select the Alert period: should it be daily, weekly or monthly?
  • Select the report (Websites, Keywords, Countries, general stats)
  • Define Metrics (visits, page view, avg. visit duration, Goal 1 conversions, total goal conversions, etc.)
  • Define the Alert: when Visits decrease 50%, when purchases are more than 50 per day, etc.

Q- What reports are available to the Alert system?
A - You can create an alert for any available report in Piwik. Plugins can define new reports which will be automatically picked up by Alerts.

Q- What alert conditions are available?
A- You can create alerts for the following metrics:

  • Visits, Visits Evolution, Unique Visits
  • Actions, Action Evolution
  • Pageviews, Pageviews Evolution
  • Time on page
  • Bounce rate
  • Goal revenue
  • Downloads
  • and many more..

To define the condition you can select the conditions:

  • Greater than, less than
  • Equal, Not Equal
  • Percentage increase/decrease

Q- Why is this feature so important?
A- This new feature is a key component of a powerful web analytics software platform, and it is part of our Piwik 2.0 roadmap. Over the past few years, hundreds of users have asked us to add this feature. We have never got around to implementing it because it is a complicated, technical, extensive new feature that will take weeks of dedicated work by a Piwik expert, to complete the coding and testing, and make the new feature usable and fast.

Q- Why should I fund this project?
A- If you believe in open source, and ensuring that we can continue to provide a quality product in the future, your funding will help make this possible so that our amazing, passionate and hard-working team (who are often unpaid!) can make this feature a priority.

Of course if you use Piwik already and need to get more out of your data, you should also consider funding this feature because, it will improve your reporting capability.

Q- Who will be implementing the feature?
A- This feature will be implemented by our new core developer Fabian Becker. You can be sure that this feature is in the best hands possible... we just need your help to finish it!

Q- What are the available payment methods?
A- We accept Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, Discover and PayPal. We use PayPal to securely process all our payments including credit card payments. PayPal is one of the worlds leading merchant gateway and they will securely handle all credit card operations on their secure servers. Also your email address will not be shared or published.

If you wish to make a bigger donation - awesome - we can also arrange a bank transfer rather than Paypal: contact us for the info.

Q- What do the perks (in the right column) mean?
A- When you make a pledge for this feature, not only will you participate in the feature development and make it available sooner, but you will also get an extra perk based on your donation level (or several perks!). Check out this page to learn exactly what the perks mean.

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