Crowdfunding Piwik 2.0

Update 2014 January:

Custom Alerts plugin is now in beta test in the Marketplace: Custom Alerts plugin.

Here is a recap of our first three CrowdFunding projects:

Thank you so much to all funders for their support, and Piwik core team to implement the project

Update 2013 Nov: We are not currently running a campaign, but stay tuned for our next campaign in 2014…

We are working our best to make Piwik the ultimate Web Analytics Software, and also the best alternative to Google Analytics where you keep control of your data. We have a  clear idea of where we are heading, learn all about some of features we want to work on in the Piwik Roadmap page.

Crowd funding Piwik 2

We need YOUR help! Direct sponsoring and donations from our amazing community will allow us to improve Piwik 2.x and work on new innovative features we couldn’t do witout your help.

If you are using Piwik, please consider supporting the Crowd funding project (starting at $10) if you wish to participate in the funding of your favorite feature, and thereby enable us to work on it. We do need your help guys and appreciate tremendously your support.

What is ‘CrowdFunding’?
Crowdfunding is a financing method that involves soliciting relatively modest contributions from a group of individuals.

What the funding revenue objectives?

Implementing and testing a new feature can take between 4 and 60 days of full time work by a software engineer from the Piwik team. All projects on the crowd funding site should have a funding objective between $500 and $5,000 USD.

What payment method are you accepting?
We are using Paypal because it offers the most flexibility in payment options. You can pay by credit card, bank transfer from most countries in the world. If you wish to donate a big amount, we can also produce an invoice or donation receipt as required.

Does it really work??
We have received some awesome support in our first crowdfunding campaigns, and more than 200 people donated to help us reach the goals. Past campaigns include: Beautiful SVG Visitors and Real time maps and the Custom Segment Editor. See also the article How to Crowdfund an Analytics Platform.

What are the perks (little ‘thank you’ gifts)?
Learn more about the perks we offer to funders on this page.


Have a suggestion for a feature or question? Let us know at hello (at)

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