[Funded] Custom Segments Editor + Apply Custom Segment to Reports

First, we’d like to give a special Thank You the our Level 6 sponsors for their support:

das-fotostudio-duesseldorf.de – Fotostudio Düsseldorf – Fotograf Bewerbungsfotos und Hochzeitsfotograf
lehmanns.de – Lehmanns Media is one of the biggest German book sellers and well known as a reliable source for media especially in science fields. Lehmanns has a long tradition in supporting a wide variety of open source projects and their communities from Linux over BSD-Unix to LaTeX. As Lehmanns Media uses Piwik Server Log Analytics, it’s a pleasure for us to support the project.

Update March 5th: Thanks to a generous sponsor in Germany, we have now reached the funding goal for Piwik Custom Segment.

Update Feb 20th: We have extended the Fundraising end date as we needed more time to reach the goal. Thank you for your help!

With our new custom segments editor, you will be able to slice and dice your data right from the Piwik interface. This will make getting insights as easy as one click.

For example you will be able to view your reports show data only for "Visitors on Mobile" or "Visitors from Germany AND using Google". You could also create the useful segments "Returning visitors" or "Customers" to compare performance of segments of your audience. The possibilities are unlimited and opens up your data to an amazing range of insights!

Help us unleash the power of Piwik with access to slice and dice your data as easy as 1-2-3.

We need your help to finish the development. Help fund this most significant new feature and enjoy amazing, real time, custom segmentation in Piwik!

For more information click on the FAQs below, or check out the Project Updates. To fund the feature, select your amount and click on the right.

[== Update ==] A big thank you to all awesome people who pledged for the Segment editor. List of the community members who pledged for this feature: Nepomuk Frädrich, Steven Berkson, Sigge Stegeman, Ryan Price, Tom Chuong, Andreas Neumann, Marcus Stöhr, Sven Schröder, Rolf Kleef, Dreymeyer & Gross, rajesh rajan, Ramon Eijkemans, Alexander di Chiara, mAhdi, CMS-Service24.de , Michael Morawietz, Alexandr Hudeček, Andreas Håkansson, Uwe Köster, Kenneth Fribert, Mike McElligott, Iskander Giniyatullin, Andreas Berkhahn, René Fertig-Bonacker, Felipe Raffani, German Larrain, Bene Allkemper, Christian Düll, Jens Schärer, Thierry Régagnon, J. Mario Rodriguez, Torsten Ketelsen, Julien Rouviere, Christian Peer, Martin Bauer, Catincan Catincan, Jochen Weiland, Thomas Seifert, Peter Awiszus, Martin Friedrich, Frank Rossbruch, Ryan Kartzke, Julien Coquet, Alexander Bigga, Raimund Lang-Pantic, Stefan Altendorfer, Thomas Hartmann, Alessio Favilli, Vegard Wikeby, Matthias Kohlhoff, Florian Brunner, Florian Hirt, Daniel Sturm, Robert Boehme, Holger Norden, Linard Moll, Michael Heyes, Gunnar Bellstedt, Valentin Bachem, Acor EDV Consulting www.acor.at, Philipp Gamma, Dominik Kasper, Vincent Hindriksen, Pierre Barthélemy-Ivanoff, Jernej Golja, Karsten Voigt, Jason Foss, Romi Gill, Kevin Beynon, Daniel Rechsteiner, Benjamin Klein, Manuel Schroyens, Zack Katz, Martin Schlagnitweit, Torsten Schrade, Walter Heck, Martin PANEL, Alexander Vejnovic.

+The Project FAQ's

Q- What will this Custom Segment Editor look like?
A-Check out the following images for a clear example of what the custom segment selector will look like!

  1. The New Segment Editor! Create, Edit and Apply.
  2. Showing the integration of Segment selector in the Piwik User interface
  3. Listing your Segments to choose from
  4. Custom Visitor Segments Editor showing how to add dimensions and combine them together

Once you click on a segment name, the Dashboard below will reload and show all visitor reports segmented, in real time!

You'll be able create any number of segments and apply them on your websites in a few clicks.

Q- What exactly will be included in this feature?
A- Here is a complete listing of the features included in this project:

  • Ability to Create segments
    • define the conditions AND / OR
      • pick metric
      • pick match (equals, contains, etc.)
      • pick value
    • give the segment a name
    • Segment is created inside the "report" UI like Goals
  • Test Segment in real to check the segment is valid and targets a few visitors
  • Segment editor lets you edit any saved segment
  • Autocomplete when filling a value for a given dimension/metric, for efficiency and ease of use. This will suggest the correct value for any dimension pre-selected. This avoids typos when typing for example referrer keywords or Page titles.

Also, when creating a segment, there are some options:

  • Add to my segment list (checked by default - available only to user who creates it)
  • Add to this website segment list (viewable by all & editable by all users with admin on this site)
  • For super user, "Add this to all websites segment list".

Segment definitions are stored in a new 'segment' table, which contains the creator user login, idsites the segment appears in. In the super user case, the segment will have a flag "idsites" = "all".

In the Reporting UI, there will be a new box similar to current Calendar / Info box that will list the current Segment applied to the data. It will open up (similarly to the calendar) to show the list of pre-created segments, or the "Add a new segment" link. User can then click on the Segment link to ajax reload the report with the segment applied to all visible reports.

To summarize, this feature adds a very powerful editor to create and edit any simple or complex segments, and lets you select which segments to apply in one click, directly within Piwik!

Q- Why is this feature so important?
A- This new feature is a key component of a powerful web analytics software platform, and it is part of our Piwik 2.0 roadmap. Over the past few years, hundreds of users have asked us to add this feature. We have never got around to implementing it because it is a complicated, technical, extensive new feature that will take weeks of dedicated work by a Piwik expert, to complete the coding and testing, and make the new feature usable and fast.

Q- Why should I fund this project?
A- If you believe in open source, and ensuring that we can continue to provide a quality product in the future, your funding will help make this possible so that our amazing, passionate and hard-working team (who are often unpaid!) can make this feature a priority.

Of course if you use Piwik already and need to get more out of your data, you should also consider funding this feature because, it will improve your reporting capability.

Q- What work has already been done on the feature?
A- We have already brainstormed the feature extensively, discussed the specs with many users and we are confident the feature as we designed it, will be fully awesome and super usable. We have written the specifications and have created the mockups for this feature. What is left is: implementation, test, release! Pledge now and it will help,

Q- Will there be an API to create/edit segments?
A- Yes, at Piwik we believe in exposing all functionnality via our API. There will be new API calls to: create, edit, delete a segment, so that you can integrate Piwik within your apps or tools and automatically create relevant segments for Piwik users to enjoy. You will also be able to easily apply a pre-saved segment to any other API calls by specifying the segment name in the API call.

Q- Who will be implementing the feature?
A-This feature is a joint effort, the mockup was done by Marcin Galecki, the CSS+HTML+JS integration is done by Clearcode and the implementation of the new plugin will be done by Matthieu Aubry, Piwik creator. You can be sure that this feature is in the best hands possible... we just need your help to finish it!

Q- What are the available payment methods?
A- We accept Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, Discover and PayPal. We use PayPal to securely process all our payments including credit card payments. PayPal is one of the worlds leading merchant gateway and they will securely handle all credit card operations on their secure servers. Also your email address will not be shared or published.

If you wish to make a bigger donation - awesome - we can also arrange bank transfert rather than Paypal: contact us for the info.

Q- What do the perks (in the right column) mean?
A- When you make a pledge for this feature, not only will you participate in the feature development and make it available sooner, but you will also get an extra perk based on your donation level (or several perks!). Check out this page to learn exactly what the perks mean.

We need your support to achieve this noble goal.


The project's progress has stalled hence why we are starting this important crowdfunding campaign to get the Custom Segment Editor finished!

We need your help with this funding to carry on and finish the project.

Pledge now, and know that you make a difference and help complete this feature.